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Alberonero earned his degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan and works on minimal, essential and synthetic forms with visual language elements that have been reduced to their minimum terms. His focus is the architectural space: the square as a means of pure expression of a single colour, colour as the central element of a work. He has numerous achievements - tapestries and wall painting - in sensitive places linked to abandonment or regeneration. From Art Basel Miami to Altrove in Catanzaro, to Ex Dogana in Rome with the creation of a site-specific basketball court for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, to the Farm Cultural Park, a cultural centre soon to be built in Favara. In 2016 his work for “Roma Arte Aperta” was alongside that of Alighiero Boetti, Sol LeWitt and Jannis Kounellis. His marble installation facing the Verona Arena has become a symbolof the city.

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Prospettiva Centrale
€ 10.000 
100 x 100 x 12 cm
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